• Производство потребительских товаров и оптовые продажи
  • Автомобильные аксессуары
  • Детские товары
  • Товары для домашних животных
  • Производство товаров под собственной ТМ
  • Конкурентные преимущества
  • Российские бренды

We produce goods used by millions of people

A leading Russian consumer goods manufacturer, we have crafted quality products at our own ISO 9001-certified facility for over twelve years. We focus on the manufacture and sale of auto parts and accessories, as well as goods for children and pets.
ISO 9001 Certified
We Produce Goods for Your House Brand

Sold wholesale all over Russia

Auto Parts

We produce auto parts and accessories under the TOP AUTO and AUTOSTART brands.

Our product range features over 1,800 items. We focus on the production of towing cables, ratchet straps, starter cables, charges, diagnostic equipment, and goods for trucks.


We manufacture products for house brands

Children’s Goods

We produce goods for children under the TEGGY brand.

The range of quality and stylish products under the brand TEGGY exceeds 300 items.

This product produced in Russia is popular with both moms and dads and children.

All the tykes love them!

Products for Pets

We have been working hard on a new line of quality goods for pets, trade mark LAPPA, manufactured at our ISO 9001-certified production facility. Currently, we offer over 150 different items for pets.

Your pets will be happy!

Producing Goods for Your House Brand

Over 50% of the goods we manufacture are sold under the house brands of our clients.

Our production facilities, streamlined manufacturing processes, and individual approach mean we can provide clients with products for their own house brands featuring different designs, colors, sizes, and packaging.

Relocate production of your goods to Russia and save money!

Our Competitive Edge

We manufacture over 230,000 units monthly at our ISO 9001-certified, 3,000-square-meter production facility.

We constantly keep 3,500 SKU in stock at our 5,000-square-meter storage facility, ensuring quick delivery to 95 cities in Russia and the CIS countries.

We are here when you need us.

The most well-known Russian brands trust us to deliver the goods.

We partner with wholesale companies and retails chains who have optimized their current business processes and logistics, reducing their risks. This enables our clients to hit their business targets and solidify their market presence.

The best companies work with each other.